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Who Is Most At Risk For Nursing Home Abuse?


Sadly, any person that lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility may experience abuse and neglect. However, there are factors that place certain residents at higher risk for becoming the victim of abuse and neglect than others.

It is crucial that anyone with a loved one in a nursing home recognizes these risk factors so they can closely monitor their loved one in the nursing home. Only with regular monitoring can family members spot when abuse is happening, and put an end to it. If you have a family member in a nursing home facility, below are the factors that place them at greater risk of suffering from abuse.


While men and women can both experience abuse, women are more likely to become victims, both inside and outside of nursing homes. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC), 66 percent of nursing home abuse victims are women.

Socioeconomic Status

Similar to how women are more likely to experience abuse inside and outside of a nursing home, individuals with a lower socioeconomic status are more likely to, as well. With regards to nursing homes specifically, residents that rely on Medicaid may not have the financial resources to stay in a nursing home that has more staff or better training practices. As a result, these residents may be at higher risk for becoming a victim of nursing home abuse.

Health Impairments

Tragically, nursing home residents that suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia are at a greater risk of abuse and neglect. This is largely because these residents often do not have the capacity to understand that the abuse or neglect is happening and so, they are less likely to report it. Residents suffering from these conditions may not remember the abuse and so, the abuse is also likely to go unreported.

Aggressive Residents

Nursing homes house many different types of residents, from those that are friendly and calm, to those that are aggressive and combative. Unfortunately, staff members in nursing homes are much more likely to react in a violent or threatening manner when they are dealing with an aggressive resident, as this type of behavior is often contagious. Aggressive residents may also be abused by other residents if those residents feel threatened.

Facility-Related Factors

Sometimes, it is not the personal characteristics of the nursing home resident that is abused, but the characteristics of the facility itself. Nursing home abuse is much more likely to occur in facilities that are understaffed, do not have proper security, or lack protocols for proper resident care.

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