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Why is Nursing Home Abuse Becoming So Prevalent?


Each year, the number of nursing home abuse stories only continues to grow. Sadly, most people have a parent or grandparent who could be vulnerable to this type of abuse as they get older and need assistance from these facilities. The current statistics show that nursing home abuse is a growing problem. Approximately ten percent of Americans aged 60 or older will experience some type of abuse. This translates to approximately five million cases every year. Even this alarming statistic is thought to be grossly underestimated because 1 in 14 cases are never reported.

So, why is nursing home abuse becoming so prevalent? Below, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney examines the issue.

The COVID-19 Pandemic 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an American study showed that elder abuse has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic by up to 84 percent. The reasons for this are many.

Many studies have shown that tens of thousands of nursing home residents throughout the country died during the pandemic. The virus was not the reason for many of these deaths but rather, improper care. Many stories emerged of nursing homes that put an infected patient in an uninfected resident’s room, exposing them unnecessarily to the virus. Other facilities did not have proper regulations regarding who could enter the facility or proper screening measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic also took an immense toll on the staff members in these facilities. The residents needed more care and staff members had to take additional measures when providing that care, such as wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE). Today, staff members are still feeling the burn out left by the pandemic and so, are more likely to neglect or abuse their patients. This is never an excuse for providing improper care, but it is one reason why the rate of abuse is increasing.

An Aging Population 

One of the main reasons nursing home abuse is becoming even more common is due to the aging population. According to a report from the United Nations, the number of people worldwide aged 60 years old and older was 962 million. By the year 2050, that number will more than double to two people over the age of 60.

As the elderly population around the globe and in the United States continues to grow, there will be a greater need for nursing homes and long-term care facilities. As more residents are admitted to these facilities, the more nursing home abuse sadly becomes inevitable.

Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Tampa Can Help Your Family 

Unfortunately, the statistics on present and future nursing home abuse are not good and more people are likely going to suffer. If your loved one has been hurt, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney at Kohn Law can help you obtain the full and fair compensation your family deserves. Call or text us now at 813-428-8504 or chat with us online to request a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options.




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