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Why Are So Many Nursing Homes In Florida Understaffed?


Nursing home abuse and neglect occurs for many different reasons, but the main reason is that nursing home facilities are notoriously understaffed. When nursing homes do not hire enough staff members to provide the highest quality of care to their residents, it is those residents that suffer. Nursing home residents often require help with even the smallest daily tasks, such as going to the bathroom. Any time they are forgotten or not properly cared for, it can result in serious injuries.

Although it is widely known that nursing homes are understaffed, not everyone knows the reasons why. Below are the two main reasons nursing homes in Florida continue to be understaffed, and what you can do about it to ensure your loved one is receiving quality care.

Cutting Corners

Many nursing homes try to cut corners by reducing the amount of staff on hand at any given time, and therefore lowering their payroll expenses. When there are not enough staff members to monitor, support, and care for residents, it can easily lead to nursing home abuse or neglect. The staff members that are working often cannot handle the overwhelming workload placed upon them because they have to do the work of so many. Staff members may not have the time to properly tend to all of the residents, or they may overlook certain hazards, such as bed sores or tripping hazards left on the floor.

Inability to Retain Staff

The COVID-19 crisis showcased the lack of staffing in nursing homes in Florida, and some workers even left the field. Retaining quality staff in nursing homes though, was very difficult even before the pandemic hit. Workers know of the conditions within nursing homes, and the fact that owners and administrators often overburden their employees. For this reason, it is a challenge to attract new workers to the field, and to keep the quality workers that have simply become exhausted from the job. This can also result in understaffing that leads to abuse and neglect.

What Can You Do About Understaffed Nursing Homes?

If you are thinking about placing a loved one into a nursing home, it may seem as though there is nothing you can do about understaffing issues. While it is true that you cannot hire more staff members, you can try your best to avoid placing your loved one into a facility that is understaffed.

When you are first considering nursing homes, visit each one and while there, look around to determine how many staff members are on duty. Is there an appropriate ratio of staff members to residents? Also consider that while you can never really tell at first glance which nursing homes are understaffed, this issue tends to affect facilities in rural areas rather than those in urban settings.

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