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The Three Most Common Nursing Home Complaints


When elderly individuals need assistance with daily tasks and activities, they often move to a nursing home and hope that staff members will provide a comfortable and safe environment. These facilities are extremely important, as they provide the round-the-clock care that family members often cannot. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes provide the proper care they should. Below, our Tampa nursing home neglect attorney outlines the three most common complaints in these facilities.

Insufficient Staff Levels 

Insufficient staffing is perhaps the most common complaint about nursing homes. Although it is crucial for nursing homes to make sure they have a sufficient number of staff members to meet the needs of residents, too many fail to do so. Understaffing can result in elderly patients living in an unhygienic and unsafe environment. Having too few staff members on hand can also cause a delay in residents receiving the medical care they need, or assistance with daily tasks.

Understaffing can also result in frustrated residents and staff members. Staff members can feel overwhelmed and the frustration can result in staff being less inclined to provide the care residents deserve. Understaffing can also lead to the other two common complaints in nursing homes – neglect and abuse.


An insufficient number of staff members can result in neglect. However, inadequate training or poor attitudes among staff members can also lead to nursing home residents being neglected. Nursing home neglect can take many forms. Some of the most common examples include a failure to administer medication properly, not assisting nursing home residents with dressing and bathing, and failing to help residents with medical care or help with other tasks.

Neglect can cause nursing home residents serious physical harm. They can become dehydrated or malnourished, and immobile residents may develop bed sores if they are not moved regularly.


Neglect and abuse in any nursing home is inexcusable but the latter is far more egregious because it is intentional. Physical abuse is common in nursing homes, but there are other types, too. Emotional and psychological abuse can occur when nursing home staff members belittle or isolate residents, leaving them feeling withdrawn and inadequate. Financial abuse can also occur when staff members steal from residents, or when they deceive them into signing checks or important legal documents, such as a power of attorney.

It is critical that all family members know the signs of abuse so they know what to look for and stop it as soon as possible. Any form of abuse in nursing homes can have long-lasting repercussions on a nursing home resident’s health and well-being.

Call Our Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in Tampa Today 

The above three complaints are common in nursing homes, but that does not mean they should ever happen. If your loved one has suffered harm, our Tampa nursing home neglect attorney at Kohn Law can help your family make it right. Call or text us now at 813-428-8504 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.



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