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Sarasota Hospital Bed Sores Attorney

At any age, you should never have to worry about sustaining bed sore injuries in a hospital due to inadequate care. However, bed sores frequently affect patients in hospitals who are confined to beds or wheelchairs following a treatment or a medical procedure, and elderly patients are at particular risk of injury. Many older adults must be admitted to hospitals as a result of bed sores they develop in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and hospitals have a duty to provide care to those patients and to take reasonable steps to treat the bed sores and any infections that have developed. In addition, older adults can develop bed sores while staying in hospitals, and it is important to remember that hospitals have a duty to prevent bed sores and other infections by providing regular and adequate care. If someone you love has suffered bed sore injuries at a hospital, you should contact a Sarasota hospital bed sores attorney today.

Sarasota Symptoms of Hospital Bed Sores

Hospital bed sores are much too common, and it is critical for patients to receive proper treatment for bed sores as soon as possible so that these injuries do not worsen and lead to serious or life-threatening infections. The symptoms of bed sores can vary depending upon the classification of the bed sore and its severity. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the following are the most common signs of bed sores at different stages:

  • Stage 1 bed sores typically are red, can feel warm to the touch, and the patient will often cite burning, itching, or pain associated with the bed sore;
  • Stage 2 bedsores often look like a blister or an open sore, or sometimes even a scrape, they are often discolored, and the patient will frequently complain of significant pain;
  • Stage 3 bed sores look like craters because they have affected the tissue below the surface of the skin, and patients will experience substantial pain; and
  • Stage 4 bedsores often look like severe wounds since they have affected the muscles, joints, tendons, and even bones in the person’s body, and the person is likely to have other signs of infection.

How Bed Sores Happen in Sarasota Hospitals

Bed sores are injuries that happen when prolonged pressure is placed on a particular part of a person’s body. Bed sores can develop in as little as a few hours, and they can also develop over days. In early stages, bed sores usually heal relatively quickly with treatment. However, when bed sores are left untreated, they can result in life-threatening infections and can be deadly. According to Harvard Health, a high number of bed sore cases start in hospital settings for older adults, rather than seniors being moved to hospitals after developing bed sores in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Far too many elderly patients need hospital stays for surgical procedures and various types of care, and within only three days of being admitted, they have developed bed sores that require treatment.

Contact Kohn Law Today

At Kohn Law, one of our dedicated bed sore lawyers can begin working with you on your lawsuit. We are committed to serving older adults and their families in Southwest Florida. Contact our experienced Sarasota hospital bed sores attorney today for assistance with your claim.

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