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Sarasota Assisted Living Falls/Broken Bones Attorney

Older adults can require varying levels of care as they age, and there are different types of facilities that provide distinct levels of care based on an elderly person’s needs. The most common types of facilities that provide different levels of care are assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities must take steps to prevent falls and broken bones among residents. When they fail to do so, it is important to contact a Sarasota assisted living falls/broken bones attorney to find out more about filing a claim.

How Falls and Broken Bones Happen in Assisted Living in Sarasota

Falls can happen whenever a resident of an assisted living facility has trouble with mobility, or when a slip, trip, or fall accident happens as a result of a hazardous condition on the premises. Assisted living facilities are required to provide an appropriate level of care to residents and to make sure that there are no risks on the premises that could lead to a trip and fall or a slip and fall accident. In most cases of falls and broken bones at Sarasota assisted living facilities, neither the facility nor its employees intended to cause harm to a resident. Rather, fall and resulting broken bone injuries most frequently occur because of negligence. There are various ways in which falls can result in broken bone injuries in Sarasota assisted living facilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Resident fails to receive assistance with mobility issues;
  • Resident does not receive appropriate care in activities where falls are common, such as getting out of bed in the morning, standing up from a chair, using the restroom, or showering or bathing;
  • Lack of slip-resistant materials or handrails in shower or bathroom;
  • Pedestrian areas of the assisted living facility had slipping or tripping hazards, like torn carpeting, uneven floors, or liquid spills;
  • Stairs do not have handrails, or handrails are broken; or
  • Lighting is insufficient in areas of the assisted living facility.

Statistics About Sarasota Falls/Broken Bones in Assisted Living

Among elderly residents of assisted living facilities in Southwest Florida, falls and broken bones happen much too often. The CDC provides the following statistics, which help to clarify how serious and frequent these injuries can be

  • About 3 million seniors are treated in emergency departments every year because of falls;
  • 20 percent of seniors who fall suffer a broken bone injury or a brain injury;
  • Hip fractures occur most often and are also the most serious type of bone fracture among seniors;
  • Nearly all hip fractures happen from falls in older adults; and
  • Falling sideways is one of the most common ways for an older adult to sustain a hip fracture injury.

Contact Kohn Law Today

The advocates at Kohn Law are here to assist you with any assisted living falls and broken bone claims. We can evaluate your case today to discuss liability and filing a lawsuit against the assisted living facility. Contact our experienced Sarasota assisted living falls/broken bones attorney today for assistance with your case.

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