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How Much Is A Nursing Home Abuse Settlement Worth?


If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, you can file a lawsuit against the facility where the abuse occurred. You will have many questions when filing a claim, but one of the most common is how much nursing home abuse settlements are worth.

No one can determine the exact value of a claim without first fully reviewing the facts of a case. However, there are some guidelines you can use to estimate the value of your claim. Below, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney outlines what these are.

Medical Expenses

The injuries sustained by senior citizens during nursing home abuse are some of the most serious. The bones of the elderly are incredibly frail, and their skin is very delicate. Even the slightest push or hit can result in multiple broken bones, deep contusions, and more. The medical expenses necessary to treat these injuries can become very costly. You can recover these medical expenses just as with any other loss. You should also include any future medical expenses your loved one will incur so your family does not pay out of pocket for them.

Pain and Suffering

Nursing home abuse causes immense pain and suffering for the victim. Elders take a long time to heal from injuries and during that time, they are in a great deal of pain. The pain will cause a great deal of suffering and elders may also be unable to partake in the social activities they once loved, which can cause them additional anguish. It is important to work with a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney who can properly value your loved one’s damages for pain and suffering.

Other Expenses

A nursing home abuse claim is meant to compensate your loved one for any loss they sustained. As such, you should include any other out-of-pocket expense your loved one incurred. For example, if they paid for transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, you should include these costs in your claim. Or, if your loved one now needs a wheelchair and they did not before the abuse occurred, you should include the cost of it in your claim.

Punitive Damages

Unlike the above damages, punitive damages are not meant to compensate your loved one for their losses. Instead, they are awarded when an individual or organization acts with gross negligence or with wanton disregard for the safety of others. Due to the fact that nursing home abuse is gross misconduct, it is not uncommon for a claim to include punitive damages.

Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Tampa Can Help You Claim Full Damages

At Kohn Law, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney knows the devastation neglect and abuse cause families. We also know how to help make it right by accurately valuing your claim so your family receives the full compensation you deserve. Call us now at 813-428-8504 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.




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