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Four Common Medication Errors in Nursing Homes


Medication errors are a very serious issue in nursing homes. While anyone of any age can suffer great harm due to a medication error, nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable. Due to the age and physical condition of nursing home residents, they will suffer the most serious injuries after a medication error including allergic reactions, overdose, and even death. Below, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney outlines the four most common medication errors in long-term care facilities.

Failing to Administer Medication 

Senior citizens often need a great deal of medication to treat various illnesses and injuries. A failure to administer medication is perhaps the most common type of medication error in nursing homes. Medication is often not administered to residents because of staff shortages, a lack of communication between staff members, or a failure of the medical team to oversee the administration. A failure to administer medication can have very serious consequences for patients, as they will not receive the medical treatment they need.

Inaccurate Dosage 

It is critical that all healthcare staff in any nursing home knows the correct dosage each patient needs for certain medications. If a patient receives too small of a dose of their medication, their illness will not receive proper treatment. If a patient receives too much of a medication it could result in an overdose. Overdoses are particularly dangerous for elderly patients and can even result in wrongful death.

Patient Receives Wrong Medication 

Another common medication error in nursing homes is when patients receive the wrong medication. This commonly happens because patients misunderstand or because prescriptions are mislabeled when they are filled. Staff members can also confuse complex instructions or high volumes of workload. Staff members must thoroughly read instructions on prescriptions and receive proper training. When medication is dispensed, labels should also be carefully checked.

Improperly Labeled Medications 

Improper and inadequate medications are another very common cause of medication errors in nursing homes. This is often an issue when medications are not stored in their original containers, such as when medication is moved to a pill dispenser. Drugs should always be labeled correctly to make sure staff members can see the proper medication and dosage at a glance. An additional risk is posed when there is not sufficient information about a drug’s potential side effects or how a medicine should be administered. All medication should have clear labels so staff members can make good decisions when administering drugs to every patient.

Call Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Tampa After a Medication Error 

Medication errors in nursing homes cause serious harm and there is no excuse for them. At Kohn Law, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney can ensure the rights of you or your loved one are upheld while also negotiating for the full and fair settlement you are entitled to. Call or text us now at 813-428-8504 or chat with us online to schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorney and to learn more about how we can help.



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