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Five Nursing Home Stats Your Family Should Know


Making the decision to place your loved one into a long-term care facility is very difficult. Still, sometimes elders need round-the-clock care that family members just cannot provide. Before you decide on a facility, it is important to know the concerns surrounding nursing homes and what to look for in one. Below, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney outlines important stats your family should know.

Nursing Homes in Florida Rank Last in the Country 

According to AARP’s most recent long-term care services scorecard, nursing homes in Florida ranked 51 out of 51, taking into account all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The categories included within the scorecard are quality of life and care, affordability and access, choice of setting and provider, and support for family caregivers. While not all facilities in the state have earned this low ranking, it is a troubling general representation.

Approximately 95% of Nursing Homes in the Country are Understaffed 

Understaffing is one of the most common issues in nursing homes and the vast majority of facilities experience it. It also contributes to Florida’s low ranking. Data for the state in 2021 indicated that 92 percent of nursing homes in the state have serious staffing issues. As a result, nearly half of the facilities in the state are reducing admissions, making it hard for many seniors to get the care they need.

Florida Requires the Most Direct Care Hours in Nursing Homes 

Under state law, all residents in nursing homes are entitled to receive 3.6 hours of direct personal care from certified healthcare professionals every day. It is important families know this so they can ensure facilities are complying with the law and that loved ones are getting the care they need.

90% of Residents Have Experienced or Witnessed Abuse 

The biggest problem with understaffing in nursing homes is that it prevents seniors from receiving the care they need. Staff members cannot keep up with all residents, and that results in vulnerable seniors experiencing neglect and abuse. Ninety percent of residents have reported that they have been the victim of abuse or have witnessed it happening to other residents. Forty percent of nursing home residents have reported experiencing physical, verbal, or sexual abuse while in a facility.

Half of Nursing Home Staff Members Have Admitted to Neglect or Abuse 

After hearing the above alarming statistics, some people assume that they are skewed due to nursing home residents overreacting or failing to understand what actually happened. The fact that half of nursing home staff members have admitted to neglecting or abusing residents in their care refutes these arguments and shows just how rampant misconduct is.

Our Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Tampa Can Help Your Family 

The statistics on nursing home abuse are alarming and show just how often it occurs. If your family member has been harmed, our Tampa nursing home abuse attorney at Kohn Law can help you make things right. Call us now at 813-428-8504 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.




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