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Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys > Bradenton Assisted Living Bed Sores Attorney

Bradenton Assisted Living Bed Sores Attorney 

Bed sores are common for individuals who have mobility issues or medical conditions that limit their ability to change positions. When you trust and pay a Florida assisted living center to prevent the factors that lead to these wounds, it is maddening to find that the facility did not prevent them. Unfortunately, this scenario is quite common based upon US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data. Approximately 1 in 10 nursing home residents suffers from a bed sore, and the risks are higher for those lacking in mobility.

If you have concerns about an assisted living resident’s bed sores or other injuries, it is critical to get in touch with a skilled lawyer right away. You may have legal options for recovering compensation, and our team at Kohn Law can support you through the process. Please contact our office to set up a no-cost case evaluation with a Bradenton assisted living bed sores attorney today. You can also read on for some background information about your rights.

How Assisted Living Residents Develop Bed Sores

The clinical term for this type of wound is a pressure or decubitus ulcer, which results from lack of blood flow to the skin. Bed sores are common among individuals who lie prone or seated for long periods of time without movement. They most frequently develop in bony areas of the body that are subject to friction or compression, such as the heels, hips, and tailbone.

Aside from the medical description of how bed sores form, they tend to result from neglect and carelessness in the assisted living environment. Pressure ulcers are preventable by proper care in moving and transferring residents, as well as by turning those who lack mobility in bed. The failure of an assisted living facility to comply with the appropriate level of care is unacceptable; fortunately, it is also legally actionable.

Holding Assisted Living Centers Accountable for Neglect

The legal basis for many forms of nursing home misconduct is negligence. To recover compensation, you must prove that the facility breached the legal duty of care that stems from Florida law and contractual obligations. Bed sores are just one of many indications that the assisted living facility did not comply with the duty of care.

In some cases, you may be able to work out a settlement; if the home refuses to pay a fair amount, you will need to file a lawsuit in court to obtain reasonable monetary damages. At Kohn Law, our Bradenton assisted living bed sores lawyers will seek all amounts allowed by law, including:

  • Costs of medical treatment;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Other compensation depending on your circumstances.

Discuss Your Options with a Bradenton Assisted Living Bed Sores Attorney 

This overview should help you understand some of the basics when pursuing a nursing home for misconduct, but you can trust Kohn Law for assistance with the details. To learn more about your rights and remedies, please contact us to set up a free consultation with a Bradenton assisted living bed sores lawyer.

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